Candle - Radically Accept The Moment

$ 29.95 USD
This candle is designed with the intention of inspiring individuals to take a moment to be fully present and embrace the reality of the current moment as it is. It emphasizes the significance of releasing attachment and expectations. To deepen your understanding and practice of radical acceptance, scan the QR code provided. You will have access to a breath-focused meditation that guides you in moments of high stress or emotional triggers. This meditation encourages you to utilize your breath as a tool to center your mind and fully accept the present moment, just as it is. Candle 6oz calendula petals, mint leaves, green aventurine crystal

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Candle - Radically Accept The Moment
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People struggle with understanding the difference between thought and feelings. It would beso helpful to guide the guests with an example of a scenario that goes over each section of that tool. Explain who CBT is more helpful for -CBT is not for everyone. Loved this session! Very informative and helpful -glad to see you are in Elgin and thanks for letting an intern shadow you!

6 days ago
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