Candle Set - Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Lifestyle

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Feeling & Being Better Collection: This votive candle set has been intentionally crafted to inspire the use of mindfulness practices into your daily life. It consists of three candles, each designed to promote a different meditative practice. Simply scan the QR code on the accompanying informational card in your toolkit to access guided meditations that complement and reinforce each mindfulness skill. Observe Candle 2oz - celery leaf, orange peel, green fluorite crystal Balance Candle 2oz - juniper springs, sandalwood chips, smoky quartz crystal. Be Candle 2oz - Eucalyptus leaves, blue cornflower petals, garnet crystal.

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Candle Set - Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Lifestyle
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People struggle with understanding the difference between thought and feelings. It would beso helpful to guide the guests with an example of a scenario that goes over each section of that tool. Explain who CBT is more helpful for -CBT is not for everyone. Loved this session! Very informative and helpful -glad to see you are in Elgin and thanks for letting an intern shadow you!

6 days ago
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