Our Collaborations

South Central Community Services - Chicago

Providing mental health education services for the students at South Central was an honor and joy! Utilizing our Think & Behave Better curriculum alongside a trauma-informed lens, I provided a class on how to challenge negative thoughts. Several of the students had the opportunity to share current challenges they experienced at home and at school, which provided them the opportunity to be heard and feel supported. Our psycho-educational model always leaves participants with a technique to equip them with mental health tools alongside the lesson for the day! Each of the students shared a positive affirmation that they crafted and were affirmed by the entire group. What a powerful opportunity for students to learn, grow and leave with a technique that will serve them for the rest of their lives!

Gail Borden Public Library - Elgin

We had the opportunity to partner with the Gail Borden Library and offer a FREE mental health education course to the community with a focus on challenging negative thoughts and uncovering core beliefs that hold us back. With a session of about 20 community members, each participant felt comfortable enough to share very personal experiences with the group, which was a powerful experience for us all! From topics of anxiety to panic to self esteem and self worth, participants were able to express themselves and learn about our Think & Behave Better Collection and techniques all at the same time. Each leaving with a sense of knowing what to do in the midst of challenges, we were honored to serve the community in such an amazing way! We will be offering another FREE session in March 2024!

Program House - South Elgin

Partnering with The Program House and offering our Think & Behave Better Series has been such a beautiful experience. Each week I meet with the women of the house to provide a meditative and grounding practice alongside a mental health education session. During each session the women get to learn and share how they see this technique helping them alongside their road to recovery. With an open mind and heart, each of these women step into who they truly want to be and it is truly a beautiful experience to witness as a teacher. 

Family Service Association of Greater Elgin

Working with FSA has been such an honor! We provided a training with 15 staff members on how to utilize our curriculum with clients and also had the opportunity to allow them to experience a session for themselves. What a great team building exercise! We will be working with clients at the FSA offering our Think & Behave Better collection series beginning April 2024!

Elgin Partnership for Early Learning - Elgin

We love providing coloring books to the Language in the Landromat initiative! Research shows that families spend up to 2.5 hours a week in laundromats. This meaningful time between washing, drying, and folding can be an opportunity for caregivers to engage children to TALK, PLAY, READ, DO, and WRITE supporting needed Kindergarten readiness skills. EPEL uses natural community touch points to be a place for children to also learn and grow engage and we are so proud to be apart in furthering that initiative!

YouthBuild - Elgin

We are honored to collaborate with YouthBuild in providing essential mental health education to young men in construction. Through this partnership, our team creates a safe and supportive environment where these future builders can openly discuss real-life challenges and develop effective stress management skills. We are proud to invest in the next generation of leaders and builders, empowering them with the tools they need for success.

Kane County Health Department - Kane County

We are so thankful for The Kane County Health Department and its prioritization for mental health initiatives! We are excited for an upcoming Think & Behave Better series that will be offered to community members at the Gail Borden Library this fall! We will travel through how to our thoughts impact our behaviors and emotions and what to do to better manage the challenges and stressors of life! Be on the lookout for more information on how to register! 

Pads - Elgin

In partnership with Pads of Elgin, we are offering a summer series including mental health sessions that are a part of the PADS day program! We are thankful to be serving alongside other community partners to help make programming opportunities consistent and impactful! 

Elgin Farmers Market - Downtown Elgin

Our first market was in the fall of 2022! It was a rainy and windy day but sharing our mission and story with the community for one of the first times will be a moment we always remember! We are thankful for our continued partnership with the Elgin Market and being able to offer community educational services. We look forward to being at the market on July 12th and August 23rd this summer! We hope to see you there!

Juneteenth - Festival Park Elgin

What an amazing event to be a part of on June 15th in Elgin to celebrate JUNETEENTH! We are eager to be amongst the community and be a part of such a beautiful day in downtown Elgin at Festival Park. We are looking forward to being a vendor and supporting Juneteenth Freedom Day!