Regulate Intense Emotions Toolkit - Notepad & Feelings Wheel

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Feeling & Being Better Collection: This toolkit has been meticulously designed to offer a systematic approach to navigating various situations that may trigger emotional reactivity. It incorporates the use of a feelings wheel, allowing you to identify both primary and secondary emotions. This, in turn, enables you to accurately label the emotions you've encountered while helping you determine which emotion regulation techniques may be effective when facing similar emotions in the future. To delve deeper into this technique and explore the research supporting it, simply scan the QR code provided for more information. Notepad Pen Feelings Wheel Emotion Regulation Resource Guide

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Regulate Intense Emotions Toolkit - Notepad & Feelings Wheel
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People struggle with understanding the difference between thought and feelings. It would beso helpful to guide the guests with an example of a scenario that goes over each section of that tool. Explain who CBT is more helpful for -CBT is not for everyone. Loved this session! Very informative and helpful -glad to see you are in Elgin and thanks for letting an intern shadow you!

6 days ago
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