Candle - Accepting Emotions Without Judgement

$ 29.95 USD
Feeling & Being Better Collection: This candle was intentionally made to evoke feelings of self compassion, letting go, and allowing emotions to flow through your body. Reinforcing the key concept of acceptance. To further deepen your understanding and experience of acceptance, scan the QR code provided. You'll gain access to a visualization meditation that guides you through the process of placing intense emotions and judgments onto an object, utilizing imagery to facilitate acceptance and release in the present moment. Candle 6oz lavender buds, mullein, opalized quartz crystal

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Candle - Accepting Emotions Without Judgement
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People struggle with understanding the difference between thought and feelings. It would beso helpful to guide the guests with an example of a scenario that goes over each section of that tool. Explain who CBT is more helpful for -CBT is not for everyone. Loved this session! Very informative and helpful -glad to see you are in Elgin and thanks for letting an intern shadow you!

6 days ago
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