Promoting Cognitive Clarity Toolkit


How to challenge & overcome blockages in our thought patterns. There is a lot of information out there on cognitive distortions or what I like to call “blockages” in our thought processes but not a lot of information about what to necessarily DO with the blockages once you identify them. However, the promoting cognitive clarity toolkit provides a reference guide that pairs each blockage with an opening that serves as an opportunity in how to think & behave better when experiencing a distortion. The openings provide you with clear next steps to try as you work to create new and healthy thought processes.

Let's walk through an example. I experience blockages in my thought patterns that show up as all or nothing thinking also known as polarized thinking. I usually default to this type of thinking when I am overwhelmed, which can lead to poor decisions. To disrupt this type of thinking I accept when I am overwhelmed and commit to using critical thinking skills that allow me to assess all aspects of the situation versus just one or the other. By doing so, I encourage new and healthy thought process and overall encourage the use of a more robust decision making process opposed to an all or nothing mentality.

There are several types of cognitive blockages like: filtering, emotional reasoning, overgeneralization, mislabeling, catastrophizing, control fallacies, jumping to conclusions, blaming, personalizing, fallacy of fairness, fallacy of change, thinking in shoulds or that you are always correct. The thing I love most about the promoting cognitive clarity kit is that when we accurately label cognitive blockages and commit to openings, we empower ourselves with the language to accurately label our experiences and commit to healthy next steps! This toolkit includes a reference guide, as I mentioned before, with the definitions of different blockages and openings as well as icon-stickers so you can accurately label your experiences while using your Simplifying Therapy notepad and journal about your experience and intended next steps.