Challenge & Replace Negative Thoughts


Identify negative thoughts & core beliefs that no longer serve you and create intentional positive affirmations to challenge them and remind you that you ARE enough! Negative thoughts can be very heavy to carry around each day and accumulated negative thoughts can turn into negative core beliefs that become embedded within our thought patterns. Negative core beliefs include viewing yourself as: helpless, unable, unloveable, disliked, worthless or inadequate - just to name a few. Negative core beliefs impact how we view ourselves on a daily basis and the decisions that we make.

An example that is included in our Challenge & Replace Negative Thoughts toolkit is around the core belief of worth and income - believing that ones worth is tied to how much money they make. This core belief is something that hundreds of thousands of people struggle with and need to actively challenge and overcome. Worth is not attributed to financial income. You are worthy as you are. However, we all experience negative thoughts and negative core beliefs and it is important to know what to do when they arise. Are you holding onto any core beliefs that you need challenge and overcome?


I love our challenge and replace negative thoughts notepad as it allows space record each thought, situation, feeling and core belief as they arise and intentionally create positive affirmations to challenge and up-root negative thought processes. It is so important that we consistently re-affirm ourselves of our worth and values to encourage positive thought processes. If we can identify our negative core beliefs and pair them with affirmations that remind us that we are enough, we allow ourselves the opportunity to think, feel and behave better!